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Nathan Witt

Skyservice Donation

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Big thanks to our new Napa County Airport neighbor Skyservice for their generous $2,500 donation. Greg Murray, Treasurer of EAA 167 accepted General Manager of Skyservice, Tony Wright’s payment on behalf of our chapter. Their contribution will go towards a scholarship for people who want to enter an aviation field.

June 2023 Chapter Meeting

Fly out – Harris Ranch/Coalinga 7-15-23

Next EAA meeting – 7 – – 23 (Monday)

Bill Wood make & distribute flyer at KAPC about fly-out

Dan Gryder vide on citation crash in Virginia

Harley report on Petaluma violation – keeping off field business A&P / IAs off the field
– Changed to card access to airport tarmac
– Healdsburg changed from no ultralights, on field or experimentals against airport FAA charter to require different treatment, insurance requirements

May 2023 Chapter Meeting

Young Eagles – 32 kid rides! Great success

Paper airplane contest – all kits completed
– Longest flight 36 feet

Discussed fly out to Harris Ranch / Coalinga July 15th

Airport walk-in gate procedure

Give out name tags / ticket

Next young eagles target date 8/5

New taxiways – A1, A2, A3, A4

NASA reports can be filed online

April 2023 Chapter Meeting

Chapter dues 4-4-23: 25 single, 40 family

Website upgrade – send minutes to Nathan Witt – presentation overview by Nathan

6 seats at present for Young Eagles

Need more pilots
– Richard Nash to supply paper airplane kits

Density altitude video accident review – Aspen, CO – DA 10,700 at takeoff

January 2023 Chapter Meeting

Elected New Officers
President = Peter Anderson
V-Pres = Duane Fey
Treasurer = Oren Redsun
Secretary = Bill Wood

Topics Discussed
Communications Director
Young Eagles Was suggested we host 2-3 for this year

Airport Day –
BBQ’s at Presidents House or Skypark
Pancake Breakfasts
Different Safety related Topics for each meeting
Build an Airplane or parts by Oren Redsun
Sponsor an new pilot Scholarship
Annual membership dues are due February Meeting

Pizza supplied from Duane Fey – Drinks supplied by Bill Wood
Meeting started late as the Teminal Building was locked, used meeting room of Atlantic Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

November 2022 Chapter Meeting

Dinner (Tacos) was provided and served by Oren and Joshua, at 6:45
Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm Next meeting TBD.
There were 9 members and 2 guests in attendance Patrick Anderson and Andrew Rollins.
Officers Present:
President, Greg Murray
Vice President, Duane Fey
Treasurer, Greg Murray
Secretary, Oren Redsun
Nominations: Pres: Peter Anderson, V.P Duane Fey ,Secretary: Oren Redsun Treasurer: Oren Redsun (no clue how that happened.)
Treasurer’s Report: $4,289.01 current balance
Young Eagles: we flew 30 kids.
Fly-outs: website:
Meeting Adjourned at 7:32