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June 2022 Chapter Meeting

Dinner Pizza, 7:00
Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm
There were 13 members in attendance

Officers Present
President, Greg Murray
Vice President, Duane Fey
Treasurer, Greg Murray
Secretary, Oren Redsun, absent

Treasurer’s Report $3032.95
DOJ Renewal for 501c3, $25
Scholarship payment awarded to Macy Hiltman for passing her FAA Private Pilot check ride, $1500
Balance 1507.95

No New Members
Old Business on Web Site

President Greg Murray asked those who could to donate money to keep our Scholarship program alive.
George Bachich, Chirs Weekly and and John Montmorency donated money to the Scholarship fund

Fly-Outs: There is a Fly-in scheduled, this weekend, for the Belanca/Champion West Coast Fly-in, at the Columbia Airport, this weekend.
A Check was presented to Macy Hiltman for finishing her training and earning her Private Pilot certificate.

Meetin adjourned at 7:45

A Stall/Spin video was presented, featuring Juan Brown on the Blancolirio Channel.